Products Questions

Is the massager gun only for the back?

No, the massager gun has a massager ball that can be moved over any region of the body to give a relaxing and soothing massage. It works best on the back, neck, and all the joints.

How often do I have to use the massager?

There are no restrictions on using the massager like steamers and scrubbers. You can use it anytime you have pain or you feel like nurturing your body. Make sure that you move the massager over all the parts of the body and do not keep it in one place for a long time.

Since this is an electric device, is there a chance of getting an electric shock?

The product before reaching your home undergoes a thorough check by our team of experts. We ensure our customers the utmost safety and there is no chance that the user gets a shock.

What benefits do I have from acupuncture?

Our body is beautifully designed to function and your palms and feet are connected to many internal organs. An acupuncture therapy using a massage pen would target the acupressure points in the body and make your complete body function at its best.

Is a massager pen the best massager device?

Yes, it is because it works on acupuncture therapy. You would not be needing a spa room or a massage time to get it done. You can just use this device at your home. You can carry it to your office and have a massage during your break time too. It gives relief from all sorts o chronic and acute back, neck and shoulder pains.