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Will Using a Deep Tissue Massage Machine Hurt?

Deep tissue massage is a kind of massage therapy which focuses on realigning the deeper layer of muscles and fascia (the connective tissue surrounding muscles) by applying firm pressure and slow strokes. This type of massage is perfect for people suffering from chronic pain or stiffness in the neck, shoulders or back. A lot of pressure is applied in a deep tissue massage and on concentrated areas to reach the fascia and sub-layer or muscles. This is the only technique that breaks up scar tissue and detangles muscle knots (bands of rigid muscle tissue which are painful) which are the source of the pain and limited range of motion.

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Most spas and professional massage therapists now use deep tissue massage machines instead of their hands as the machines offer much more power, a great deal of control, and they are highly precise. 

Also, massage therapy isn’t rocket science; you can buy your own massage gun and get a deep tissue massage in the comfort of your home. One of the best full body massagers online is the Muscello Massager gun. It can be used at home to deal with chronic body and muscle pain. It can help to alleviate pain instantly and in the long run, without having to seek professional help. It’s four detachable heads provide a deep tissue massage that can melt all the pain in the muscles and the joints. You can buy it here.

Now that we know how full body deep massagers work, it’s quite common to think that they will hurt. Words like breaking down scar tissue and realigning the connective tissue just sound torturous and painful.

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So, will using a Deep Tissue Massager Machine Hurt?

It doesn’t. A lot of people think that for a deep tissue massage to work, it must hurt. This is not true at all.

Deep tissue massages are more aggressive than other massage techniques, it does not leave you with a feeling of sublime relaxation but might leave you feeling sore the next day if not done correctly. When a lot of pressure is applied to a muscle group, it will respond by tightening further causing pain, and it might also make it harder to reach deeper muscles. Therefore, as soon as you start experiencing pain, you should turn down the intensity of the deep tissue massage machine. It is also recommended to drink a lot of water after using a full body deep massager machine to help wash the lactic acid out of the tissues. 

Okay, they won’t hurt but how fast will I get results?

All massage therapies take a lot of time to work or to start showing noticeable effects. It’s vital to be realistic when thinking about what one deep tissue massage will get you because a lot of people increase the intensity of their full body deep massagers and end up applying a lot more pressure than recommended resulting in an injury. You can’t get rid of all your knots in one session. These knots are built up over a lifetime of lousy posture or sedentariness. In fact, undoing chronic knots is best obtained with a lot of low-intensity workouts with your deep tissue massager machine in conjunction with regular exercise, posture correction and other relaxation techniques.

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You can use the Muscello massage gun not only for deep tissue massages but it’s four detachable heads give you an array of massage techniques at your disposal. It is the best massage gun to put an end to muscle and joint pain.

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