Best Massage Therapy for Body and Mind

Why is Massage the Best Therapy for Body and Mind?

‘Stress’ has become an inevitable part of  daily life!  No matter how much you try to keep your mind and body intact, somehow external stressors and pressure get in the way of life and become troublesome. The massager has been introduced to relieve pain and relax your body. It helps you cope with daily worries and live a healthy life. 

What are the Benefits of Massage?

relaxes the mind and body

It Relaxes the Mind and Body

When the body is under stress, it produces unhealthy stress hormones and cortisol, leading to weight gain, headaches, sleeplessness, digestive problems, etc. When you massage your body, it brings down the cortisol and stress level and triggers relaxation feelings and uplifts the mood. Taking up massage sessions at regular intervals boost your energy level and improves physical and emotional well being.

lowers the blood pressure

It Lowers the Blood Pressure

Regularly massaging the body reduces the blood pressure level. If you are under constant medication due to high blood pressure, then adding massage therapy to your regular treatment reaps many benefits. However, choose the right massage depending on your health condition.

muscle relaxation

It Promotes Muscle Relaxation

The massage traces the source of pain and then relieves the pain by eliminating tense muscles and also provides relaxation to the affected area and the entire body. If there are any injured muscles, massaging supplies oxygen and nutrients to those damaged tissues. Regularly massaging the body would also reduce muscle stiffness and avoid swelling in the muscle and joint. Another interesting fact about massage is that the therapy also increases endorphins- pain-killing hormones, which in turn boost the dopamine and serotonin levels in the body- those hormones calms the nerves and gives a euphoric feeling.

blood circulation

It Improves Blood Circulation

When your body receives a regular massage, there would be right amount of blood circulation in the body. The proper circulation of blood heals damaged, stiff and tense muscle. It also allows the flow of new blood into muscle tissues. 

Some of the techniques involved in massaging remove lactic acid from the muscle tissues and improve the lymph fluid circulation, which helps in flushing out the metabolic waste from the body. This whole process lowers blood pressure and improves overall body function.

body posture

It Improves Body Posture

Some of the chronic pains you experience in your body are due to poor or incorrect standing or sitting posture. Overweight and overuse of certain body parts are some factors contributing to strains. Strains often lead to spasms and tense muscles in the neck, hips, back, legs, and glutes.

One of the vital significance of the massage is it improves the posture. It loosens the muscle and allows the body to relax. Joints also gain greater freedom and flexibility and relieve pain and improve posture.

relieves headache

It Relieves Headache:

Stress may result in a poor quality of sleep. When there’s a lack of sleep, one may experience headaches or migraines. When one undergoes massaging, it melts stress and gives a quality sleep and avoids regularly occurring headaches.

body’s immune system

It Boosts the Body’s Immune System

When stress is induced in the body, it also takes away the appetite of an individual. Massaging the body reduces stress and boosts the immune system and improves the body’s ability to deliver nourishment. Thus it helps keep the body strong and resilient.

anxiety and depression

It Reduces Anxiety and Depression

The massage generally will have a relaxation response. The relaxation response avoids and reduces anxiety, stress, and irritability. Massaging also releases endorphins – which are the hormones that are released in times of joy and happiness. It also helps to create a sense of awareness of your mind and body.

Lately, many therapists provide massage service. They are professionals having good hands with massaging. Their techniques certainly relieve your body from stress. If you cannot make it to therapists, you can buy an electric body massager from the stores or online. There are hand massager machines and body massagers to treat specific parts of the body. Many found it to be an excellent way to save your time and money. To buy a full body massager, click here.

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