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Is It Safe to Use a Hand-Held Body Massager During Pregnancy?

Welcome to pregnancy. Get ready for an emotional roller coaster, a ginormous belly and a constantly sore back. The first non-invasive, natural solution that pops into your head is massage therapy. But is it safe? Is it a viable way to relieve these physical and mental stresses? Widely speaking, yes. Most forms of massage therapy are perfectly safe for pregnant women. They have shown to provide proven benefits like improved relaxation, better sleep, reduce oedema (joint swelling) and an overall sense of wellbeing.

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If you’re looking for a hand-held body massager to use safely during pregnancy, then you can check out the Muscello massage gun by Westfy. It is a safe and effective massage gun can be used at home to deal with chronic body and muscle pain. It can help to alleviate pain instantly and in the long run, without having to seek professional help. You can buy it here.

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When Should You Not Use a Hand-Held Body Massager During Pregnancy?

Women in their first trimester of pregnancy. The first trimester is pretty relaxed compared to the rest so, you probably won’t need to use your hand-held body massager anyway. The American Pregnancy Association (APA) says that women can start with massage therapy at any point in time during pregnancy but still, it is advisable that you hold off till your second trimester. Many massage therapists also don’t take clients in their first trimester and ask them to wait. The reason is that the first trimester has a heightened risk of miscarriage, and the increase in blood flow during a massage could prove to be harmful. 

Who Else Shouldn’t Use a Hand-Held Body Massager During Pregnancy?

Women who have been diagnosed with specific medical conditions like- 

  1. High blood pressure
  2. Pregnancy concerns like congenital heart disease or preeclampsia
  3. Fresh surgery or injury
  4. Recent organ transplant 

When you use hand-held body massagers, they trigger the circulatory system and the lymphatic system, which may lead to an alteration in the flow of blood and affect the health conditions mentioned above.

How to Safely Use a Hand-Held Massage Gun If You’re Pregnant

Just remember to use the massage gun on a low setting and you should be good to go. Massaging your body is completely alright just the intensity of the massage should be moderate. Your body undergoes a lot of changes during pregnancy, for example, the volume of blood in your body goes up by a whopping fifty percent and the blood circulation in legs slows down. Therefore using the hand-held massager on your legs for a light massage during pregnancy works wonder in alleviating pain and stress. 

You can use the massager freely on your lower back and shoulders if you’re experiencing pain and distress in those areas. Unlike in the calves and inner thighs, there is no risk of a dislodged blood clot being present due to the changes in the circulatory system. However, you should still be sure to use the hand-held massager on a lower setting as these things are mostly fitted with high torque motors making them quite powerful. 

Hand-held massager guns can also be used on the abdomen but very light pressure is advised. One cannot exercise too much caution and you should mostly avoid massaging the abdomen during pregnancy.

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The bottom line is that if used vigilantly, handheld massager guns can be a boon for mothers dealing with pain and stress during pregnancy. Also, if you’re planning to buy a massager gun, you should check out the Muscello Massager Gun by Westfy.

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