Back and Neck Massagers

Back and Neck Massagers: Myth vs. Reality

So, you’re thinking about buying a back and neck massager and why shouldn’t you? They are all over the internet and social media plus the new ones resemble guns and look hella cool. You don’t need to wait for long periods of time in a massage therapist’s office just to catch a little respite anymore. But like everything else, body massager guns are victims of several  myths. This blog intends to bust some of them! Are you ready?

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Myths vs. Reality

Myth- All Massagers are basically all the same. 

Reality- Not at all! This is like saying all Bertie Botts every flavored beans are of the same flavor. There are a lot of different massages, to begin with, and different massagers emulate different techniques. Generic spa massages consist mainly of stress relief techniques and techniques to ease muscle soreness. Handheld Neck Massagers in the modern age have evolved into massage guns which can give you the benefits of a deep tissue massage right at home. You can research on different massagers online, there are electronic acupuncture massagers and some even use infrared therapy. 

Myth- Using a back and neck massager will give only give you temporary relief 

Reality- If you think that the temporary stress relief that you get after using the electric back massager is the only benefit that you receive then you’re wrong. Using the portable body massager on yourself will help your body to retain muscle memory. This is the only reason why physiotherapists exist in this world. Using a back and neck massager regularly can work wonders for leading a healthy lifestyle and can save people suffering from chronic pain or paralysis.

Myth- Using a massager while you’re pregnant will result in a miscarriage 

Reality- The only time women should not use a back and neck massager is in their first trimester of pregnancy. The first trimester is pretty relaxed compared to the rest so, you probably won’t need to use your hand-held body massager anyway. The American Pregnancy Association (APA) says that women can start with massage therapy at any point in time during pregnancy but still, it is advisable that you hold off till your second trimester. Many massage therapists also don’t take clients in their first trimester and ask them to wait. The reason is that the first trimester has a heightened risk of miscarriage, and the increase in blood flow during a massage could prove to be harmful. 

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Myth- Massagers can spread cancer through the body

Reality- This can’t be further from the truth. Scientifically, this is impossible. The only way to spread cancer using a back and neck massager is if you run over a tumor directly with your portable massager, only if you have one to start with. On the contrary, a lot of oncologists agree that using a massager to ease pain and stress during chemo can work wonders for patients.

Myth- You should feel sore after using a back and neck massager

Reality- You must have heard someone or the other say this before, “if you don’t feel sore the day after the massage then that means that your muscles didn’t get the workout they were supposed to and ergo the massage didn’t work.” Well, like every other  Myth, this is also pretty far from the truth. Your muscles do get a workout regardless of your feeling sore the next day or not. New age massage guns are equipped with high torque motors and can simulate the effects of a deep tissue massage. If they are used at max power these machines will leave you sore the next for sure but that doesn’t necessarily mean that your massage was a success. 

Myth- You can fit into your prom dress again using the body massager alone

Reality- Back and neck massagers can melt cellulite away but because the pace is so slow, you’ll give up before you start seeing results. Using portable massagers on problem areas in conjunction with a healthy diet and sufficient amount of exercise is the best strategy you can adopt if you want to slip into that dress again. Also, cellulite is a layer of subcutaneous fat cells which are connected mostly to your genetics than anything else, so you probably should get used to it.  

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