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Are Body Massager Machines Good for You?

Body massage is one of the oldest forms of therapy used to reduce muscle stiffness, body pain and migraine headaches. It relaxes you from stress, makes you flexible, improves muscle strength and can be used to maintain body fitness.

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How often do you wish that somebody would just massage your feet or your shoulders after a draining and tiring day at work? Only if Abe hadn’t been born. However, welcome to the 21st century, where you can buy a subservient body massager machine which gives you the benefits of a deep tissue massage at the push of a button, while you’re relaxing at home.

Portable body massagers like the Muscello Massager gun can be used at home to deal with chronic body and muscle pain. It can help to alleviate pain instantly and in the long run without having to seek professional help. It’s 4 detachable heads provide a deep tissue massage that can melt all the pain in the muscles and the joints. 

But Are These Space-Age Electric Body Massagers Good for You?

The short answer is, yes. Having said that, like the omnipresent duality in life, body massager machines do have some drawbacks. Let’s quickly go over the disadvantages first as there are only a few and the benefits outweigh them by a lot. 

There is a remote risk of receiving an electric shock, however, most modern electric body massagers are hermetically sealed and highly insulated. Also, in very rare cases, prolonged use of massagers on the neck has led to a stroke. These strokes are called ischemic strokes and it was found out that they only happened when the device was used uncontrollably on the front and the side of the neck or inside the throat. The risk of an ischemic stroke is negligible, all you have to remember is that body massager machines are not a toy. 
Now, let’s talk about the bountiful benefits of a body massager machine without listing the common ones like pain reduction, relaxation and insomnia. The ones you might not know about are much more interesting and beneficial.

muscle strength and mass

Improves Muscle Strength and Mass

Vibration therapy forces your muscles to contract and expand way faster than they normally would. Using a body massager like the Muscello gun, you can target different muscle groups around your body. The vibration makes your muscles more active and helps them to preserve and restore muscle mass. Body massagers are the best home body massage devices for people who suffer from muscular dystrophy or people with weakened muscles as a result of an injury or disease. Even athletes use electric body massagers to hasten recovery time and increase muscle mass.

weight loss

Promotes Weight Loss

In a recent study conducted by the Artesis University in Antwerp, people lost 10.5% of their body weight with vibration therapy and maintaining a healthy diet. Though it is not as good as regular exercise to lose weight, people have reported that fifteen-minute sessions, three times a week with a body massager machine can burn enough calories to lose weight. Vibration therapy can also increase your metabolism which can further contribute to your weight loss, only if you’re eating healthy.

Parkinson’s disease

Helps with Parkinson’s Disease 

New research in NeuroRehabilitation suggests that vibration therapy might be beneficial for people suffering from Parkinson’s. However, the effects are mostly short term. For instance, it may help in decreasing the frequency of the muscle tremors and help with the rigidity. A lot more research is needed to figure out the long term effects of vibration therapy for Parkinson’s patients, you can read more about this here.

The bottom line is, that body massager machines are generally good for you, all you have to do is use them vigilantly.

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