Portable Massagers

7 Reasons Why Portable Massagers are Better Than Ever in 2020

If you were to imagine portable massagers and a big clunky wand-like apparatus with a huge cord popped in your head then you might be living under a rock or something because portable full-body massagers in 2020 are uber cool!

Those old massagers have evolved into hi-tech massage guns. They look incredibly slick now and resemble a power tool from space. These handheld massager guns are super speedy and pack quite the punch. They can even simulate deep tissue massages, so, say bye to waiting for hours at the massage therapist’s office and get a futuristic massage gun for yourself today! 

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Why Are Portable Massagers Better Than Ever in 2020

Portable Massagers

1. Cordless

Just like some lizards dropped their legs to evolve into the faster, mightier snakes with precise striking abilities, similarly, modern portable massagers have shed their long chords and have evolved into cordless handheld massager guns which provide precise and deep percussion.

High torque motors

2. High Torque Motors

Portable massagers in 2020 are fitted with high torque motors that make them much more powerful than their ancient counterparts. Most massage guns can percussively strike at rates of 2,500 per minute. Now, that is a lot, these handheld massager guns are more than capable of getting deep into your muscle tissues to alleviate pain.

Super quiet

3. Lightweight

New-age massage guns are extremely lightweight as they are meant to be handled with one hand. These portable back massager machines generally weigh between 2-2.5 pounds. They’ve become really easy to transport from location to location and are small enough to fit in any gym bag. 

Cheaper than ever

4. Super Quiet 

These deep muscle massage machines are fitted with brushless motors that help quieten them. Just a few years ago, massage guns looked like power tools and sounded like one too. Not anymore, they are as quiet as a butterflies’ wingbeat and are all you need to relax on a lazy day.


5. Cheaper Than Ever

The biggest reason why you saw high-end massagers only in spas when you were young is that they used to be extremely expensive. However, technology is dirt cheap now, millennials might not be able to afford houses but they can at least relax with a massage gun, after putting their cardboard box up for a second mortgage.

Battery life

6. Battery Life

Battery life is a big issue when going cordless, however, most portable massagers boast of a lithium-ion battery that easily lasts up to 3 hours. There are models which can even run for up to six hours but these are a little pricey and are generally preferred by trainers and professional massage therapists so that they can tend to multiple clients on the go.

7. Customizability

Handheld massage guns today are highly customizable, they come with multiple head attachments that give you access to different massage techniques like deep tissue massage and vibration therapy to incorporate in your workout. These portable massagers even have adjustable head angles and adjustable handles so that you can reach those tricky body parts like the lower back easily. You can use different heads to target different muscle groups too. 

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