Post-Halloween Couples Massage Tips

5 Post-Halloween Couples Massage Tips

Halloween is super fun but it can also be taxing, especially if you have kids. Running behind you kids from door to door can leave you and your partner sore and weary post Halloween. Well, what can you do to beat those post-Halloween blues? Glad you asked, you can give each other a massage. There are a lot of benefits of couples massage like an increase in intimacy and stress relief and it is a great gift to give your partner after Halloween (just don’t give a coupon that says ‘good for 1 free massage’ that’s too cringey). 

If you own a massage gun, the deep tissue massage feature on the gun will suffice for an amazing couples massage experience. If you don’t, then you can check out the Muscello massage gun by Westfy. It is one of the best full body massagers online and it can be used at home to deal with chronic body and muscle pain. It can help to alleviate pain instantly and in the long run, without having to seek professional help. It’s four detachable heads provide a deep tissue massage that can melt all the pain in the muscles and the joints. You can buy it here.

Let’s go through a few couples massage tips so that you and your partner can relax and regain your energies, post Halloween. 

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1. Don’t Squirt Oil onto Your Partner’s Body

Squirting cold oil on warm skin looks really awesome in the movies but in real life, it feels terrible. Remember, the right hand rule of thumb is always to put the oil on your hands first, and rub the palms together to heat up the oil before applying it to the body.

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2. Contour Your Hands to Your Partner’s Body

The more surface area you can reach and touch with your hands, the better. When you start the massage, make sure your whole hands are maintaining contact with your partner’s skin. If your hands feel stiff to your partner, then that means only a part of your hand is touching your partner’s body. 

Stiff hands will ruin the flow of the massage and your partner will feel unnatural movements, the digits of your fingers are hard and rigid, so, always make sure to apply pressure with the heel of your palm too.

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3. Give Encouraging Feedback to Your Partner

You both want to please each other, right? That is why you’re reading this or will look at some videos after this, but if you don’t know what your partner wants, then you should listen to your partner; massage is quite subjective. 

Always encourage your partner if they hit a sweet spot and they will keep doing it. Tell them how amazing they’re doing, there’s nothing better than positive reaffirmations. 

Deep tissue massage

4. Deep Tissue Massage is the Key

Now is the time to break out your deep tissue massager gun. Using a massage gun for deep tissue can release dopamine and oxytocin making your partner feel immensely relaxed and happy. 

Always start with the massage gun on the lowest setting, massage guns can be really powerful and some can pulsate around 2500 times in a minute because of the high torque motors they are fitted with. Start light and progressively work the machine deeper.

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5. Practice the 5-Minute Rule

You practice one technique for a maximum of 5 minutes, and then swap over. It doesn’t matter if you got it or not – still swap over.

Continue swapping over and working on the same technique until you both feel that you’ve got it. You may work the same technique 6 times over – maybe more, but each 5-minute session will make you better.

Here’s to wishing you a stress-free and relaxed Halloween.

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